Analyze big data to see what’s important, and take action when it matters.

Kunector brings strong experience in delivering end-to-end Business Intelligence solutions to manufacturers – both process and discrete – covering a range of sectors such as automotive, apparel, food, nutrition, beverages, sporting goods, instrumentation and more.

We have consistently delivered flexible and scalable analytics solutions to manufacturers by leveraging our thought leadership in BI & innovations in enterprise BI, big data, predictive analytics and cloud.

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Manufacturing enterprises need to continuously sense the signals emanating from multiple streams of information that are produced by the various assets of the production- line and apply process innovations to outsmart the competition. Advent of Artificial Intelligence-driven analytics, Data Science capabilities and Industry 4.0 standards are helping the industries to convert their production facilities to smart factories.

Smart Factories

Smart factories can self-organize the reliability of every equipment on the process floor, tune the machine’s performance, identify quality exceptions and allow the human workers and systems to optimize flow of materials, energy, data and maintain excellent production standards.

Smart Factories

Manufacturers require smart data harnessing techniques to make more informed decisions at each stage in the production process in real-time. Real-time sensing of process parameters of machinery and products can potentially save millions of pounds in energy usage, labour, repairs & lost business opportunities.


While the use cases are evolving rapidly, we help the manufacturers at any stage of manufacturing or production processes through our deep knowledge of process industries across various verticals.

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